Network Analysis

Wide-Area Network (WAN)

Organisations rely extensively on the Internet to do business, and our analysis includes checking your connection for reliability, stability and latency (delay) problems.

We examine your current provider’s solution and check connection speed over a period of time.  We also work to determine whether your provider is the one most suited to your business usage case.  Slow Internet can be a major cost to businesses.

We can also look at options for failure protection, such as a backup internet connection, and advise you on the best options for your requirements and budget.

Local Area Network (LAN)

Your network is at the core of everything you do in your business, and it has to be in top condition to prevent problems that can result in unneeded expense and drops in productivity.

We analyse your Local Area Network for speed, latency and wiring issues, testing each LAN port in your organisation with our dedicated testing tools.

Every aspect of your wired network is checked for known problems and the information is collated for later analysis.

Wireless Network (WiFi)

In businesses where WiFi is used by staff and optionally guest users, security is sometimes overlooked.  As well as security, areas in your business premises may experience poor signal or even suffer from black spots where WiFi is not available.

We analyse your entire WiFi infrastructure, and check for security problems, unauthorised users, slow speed and high latency.  We check for black spots and can identify causes of slowness or network instability.

Cellular (LTE)

Getting the best cellular coverage for your business can be a real challenge. We provide a full site survey to determine the exact location of the fastest cell mast in your location, then configure the antenna to achieve the best speeds possible.

In situations where failure of internet service is not an option, we also offer dual-SIM network hardware which can transparently switch as network conditions change.