Network Repair

Internet (WAN)

The cost to your business when your Internet connection goes offline cannot be underestimated.  Many companies rely on the Internet to conduct their business, and losing that connection can end up costing you thousands of pounds.

Security breaches are big news these days, and every day there is news of another company that has suffered a data breach.  These breaches frequently involve the theft of customer information and confidential data, and companies that do not take steps to prevent this can be massively fined by both the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) in the UK and by the EU under the GDPR.  The fines can reach into the tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds, and can decimate a business.

We can perform the following repairs and improvements to help prevent this:

  • Harden the security settings on your Internet router, or offer recommended upgrades to allow this
  • Close down any unused ports on your firewall
  • Recommend fail-over with a secondary Internet connection
  • Recommend solutions to prevent attacks from malicious attacks and spam
  • Lock down access to customer data to ensure compliance with ICO and GDPR

Local Area Network (LAN)

Whether your organisation is small or large, having the right network equipment can make all the difference to your experience as a user.  Poor quality switches, network cabling and incorrectly configured devices can make the network slow for everyone.

We provide a full package of recommendations and can advise on which configurations and network equipment will give you the absolute best network for all your staff.  Many companies write off poor network performance as “That’s just how it is.”, but at SolidNet we don’t accept that.

We provide repair services such as:

  • Rewiring of poorly installed or worn out network cabling
  • Reconfiguration or replacement of critical infrastructure such as network switches and hubs
  • Hardening of your network to prevent unauthorised devices gaining access

Wireless Network (WiFi)

WiFi quality is frequently overlooked in a business, especially when most of the staff are using wired LAN connections.  Security is also frequently overlooked as a result, and many businesses have their WiFi connection sharing the same network as their hardwired computers and devices.

We offer:

  • Separation of networks for guest WiFi users
  • Hardened WiFi configuration to prevent unauthorised devices gaining access to your business WiFi connection
  • Splitting of WiFi networks according to function
  • Optimisation of bandwidth sharing between WiFi and LAN (traffic shaping)
  • Elimination of WiFi blackspots around your company premises
  • Upgrade of WiFi equipment to improve speed and general user experience