PTToC Benefits

Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PTToC) works similarly to two-way radio except, as the name suggests, the standard mobile phone network is used. This enables the use of two-way radio anywhere, as long as there is cellular coverage.

Most of our clients use our PTT solutions for remote workers who need to stay in regular contact with the control room. Moreover, as the majority of our PTT radios are also Android, depending on your Settings, your remote workers can also make phone calls and run apps, while in the field.

Global coverage
With conventional radios, communicating over a long distance is very difficult. You tend to need equipment like repeaters to expand your radio coverage/network. However, with network radio you can now communicate with your team locally, nationally or even globally.

Low start-up costs
Unlike traditional radio there are no requirements for infrastructure investment. No need to invest in repeaters, cabling, or radio programming. Once set up it’s as simple as turning on the unit and starting the call by pushing the PTT (push-to-talk) button.

Instant communication
With just a push of a button, PTToC allows you to communicate with individuals within your team or groups over distances instantly. With the SolidNet PTToC system, this is over a private closed network using a high level of encryption on a cloud server securing your private data and communications.

Great sound quality
You will be able to experience superior sound quality even in the harshest environments. You will never need to worry about getting your voice heard.

Range of Features
Good PTToC systems should have a variety of useful features like an emergency button, Man down and Lone worker function (which the SolidNet PTToC system has). These features are ideal for environments where employees are working independently and need to be in contact constantly by voice or in the case of an emergency.

Easy to Administer
Our PTToC system can be administered/programmed over the air without the radio needing to be returned to the dealer.

These are just a few of the great benefits the SolidNet PTToC system can provide. If you are looking for regional, national and International communication scheme without the hassle or financial commitment of radio infrastructure, the Solidnet PTToC system with its excellent audio, full duplex communication and excellent health and safety features is your answer.