SolidNet Platform

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When you become the owner of a SolidNet product, you don’t just get the benefits of the hardware itself. You also get permanently FREE access to our private global cloud-based Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PTToC) network from that device! 

Owners of our products such as our Routers, Base Stations, Mobile and Portable Radios will never need to worry about getting connected to other SolidNet users.  You also get a free lifetime subscription for an Android Smartphone account with every purchase, so you can still communicate effortlessly when you’re away from your SolidNet product.

The SolidNet Network offers the following benefits to all customers:

  • Low-Latency Channel-Assigned Servers
  • AES-encrypted communications
  • Private Call
  • Man Down & GPS Support
  • Distance-Based User Muting
  • Emergency Call routing
  • Unlimited Channels and Zones
  • Recordings, Call Logs and GPS History
  • Access Control List Management
  • Direct Support for Two-Way Radio Features