The great benefit of PTToC (Push-to-Talk over Cellular) is providing instant One-to-One or Group Talk over any distance.

Unlike PMR networks where channel capacity is finite, PTToC platforms allow any number of virtual channels and as many call groups as you want to be created, including the ability to create dynamic call groups. Dispatcher services can be enabled, including real-time GPS location, tracking, and monitoring services, along with other PMR type services such as late entry to group calls and remote stun or kill of devices.


Other typical PMR applications such as Lone Worker monitoring and alarms can also be provided, along with full call recording, logging, and playback. It also enables Network Radio devices to take on some of the traditional PDA roles such as workflow management, job ticketing, scanning items and proof of delivery services.

The SolidNet platform also enables you to integrate PTToC services with existing PMR systems using gateways to provide a unified PMR/cellular network. This allows you to extend the range of your PMR network and enable those out of range of the PMR network or who do not have a PMR terminal to communicate with those that do use a PTT cellular device.


SolidNet has created a Gateway which provides a bridge for up to 4 traditional two-way radios to communicate seamlessly with PTToC devices.

We work in partnership with manufacturers of Two-Way Radios and the list of supported devices on our site is updated when we have certified new devices with our products.

By simply connecting a cable from your Radio Gateway to a supported model of mobile radio, and a few minutes of setup, you can bridge the gap between PTToC and Two-Way Radio.

We currently support mobile radios from Hytera, Anytone and CRT France.