Why SolidNet?

SolidNet is a global network that distributes Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PTToC) services through our Flagship Dealers worldwide and is British owned with our headquarters in the City of Glasgow.

The SolidNet Network was launched in 2017 and our ongoing development has created a unified communications network with full compliance of industry standards in encryption and data protection.

With carefully positioned ‘Channel-Assigned Servers’ around the globe, this deploys optimal routing that reduces latency and delivers high-quality communications anywhere. Our low-cost PTToC service is available in every country worldwide.

This relentless passion to innovate has made our network #1 in performance, and we don’t plan on stopping there. With our flexible, cost-effective PTToC communications and collaboration solutions, we’ve created the ideal platform where business can be done more efficiently and effectively.

Because our customers are scattered throughout the world, to ensure the best quality service reaches everyone, SolidNet distributes Push-to-Talk over Cellular products and services through Dealers worldwide.

This means that every customer has the full support of a locally-based dealer who can assist with the right purchasing decisions and can offer professional after-sales service.

SolidNet brings to the market a Push-to-Talk over Cellular platform purpose-built for global coverage.

Each customer has their own set of servers, and the performance of those servers is optimised to each specific location.

The central control system that manages logins and authentication is distributed and mirrored worldwide so that all customers have rapid low-latency access to high-quality unsurpassed urban and rural coverage.

The pinnacle of our services is our software development team, who constantly liaise with the SolidNet community to support new hardware such as PTToC terminals. This service is provided free of charge, as long as the requested development is then shared with the entire community.

If we assess in our initial discussions with a community member that the device they wish us to support is of a high enough standard, we’ll offer to undertake the development of that device and integrate into the SolidNet family of Supported Devices.